Bread for Life is proud to name Tom Lippincott the volunteer of the month for December. Tom has made a wide-ranging impact across many of Bread of Life’s programs, from delivering meals to picking up donations and maintaining the BFL garden.

What brought you to Bread for Life and when did you start?

After working in the insurance industry for over 30 years, I decided to retire in April of 2022.  Before retiring, I spoke with Missy Cipriano [Director of Operations & Volunteer Services] to ensure areas of need for my volunteer efforts were available at Bread for Life. I had heard through friends and family the great work that Bread for Life does for our community. Volunteering and giving back to others has been important to my family for generations. Bread for Life seemed to be the best fit for my availability in my retirement life, so I immediately started helping out in April of 2022.

How did your involvement at BFL evolve to where it is today?

I initially started as a person who delivers lunches to those who cannot come to the facility. Since then I have been able to assist in picking up donations made to BFL, deliveries to Food Share, Legionaries, Food Bank and Southington Community Services. I’ve also been able to perform maintenance on the garden and help in the kitchen and with inventory. One of the most rewarding tasks was to assist a client getting furniture for their new apartment. The only thing I was not able to support was helping with the bees, because I’m not a fan being stung.

Favorite thing about volunteering with BFL?

My favorite aspect of working with BFL is getting to know everyone who is part of this organization and becoming part of the Bread for Life family. Everything BFL does is rewarding and I’m lucky to be part of it.

Impact volunteering has had on you?

The impact volunteering has had on me is the fact that it has opened my eyes to the variety of needs of others and how a little effort can make an even bigger impact to those who need the support.

Advice to those thinking about volunteering?

My advice to those who are thinking about volunteering is Just Do It!! You’re helping others and a little effort goes a long way. It doesn’t matter how much time you’re able to give, just give it.