Shirley Mason has been a volunteer at Bread for Life since the very beginning and has sat on the board for the last thirty years. Recently Shirley announced that she will be retiring from her role with the board, however, she will continue to volunteer at Bread for Life. Because for Shirley, she can’t imagine a life that doesn’t involve serving others. Bread for Life is proud to recognize Shirley as the Volunteer of the Month.

“I grew up a poor farm girl who wore hand-me-downs but I was well-fed and well-taken care of,” Shirley said. “We were always taught to work and to help others that may be needier than we were.”

“When I started to work for Bread for Life I could see the need in town. It wasn’t just for people who were hungry but it was also for a group of seniors who needed the socialization, said Shirley. “We thought we should get them out of their homes and then we found that the group of people who came took care of one another. If someone was missing someone else would call them to find out why they weren’t there and to make sure they were okay.”

Shirley is amazed at how much Bread for Life has grown over the years thanks to the support of the community.

“I think it’s wonderful to see how the town opened up and accepted the program. It was really just behind the scenes before. It was something that church people did but now the people in town are much more involved and they have shown great support,” Shirley said. “We couldn’t have built this building we are in now or expanded without the support of the town and the wonderful volunteers and the givers.”

For those who are considering volunteering Shirley says it’s a must.

“Come in, get acquainted with the program and the people that volunteer. It’s a wonderful group of people who support Bread for Life in many different ways. It’s not only enlightening, it’s good for the soul.”