Bread for Life is proud to name Dr. Bill Currao from Southington, CT as the volunteer of the month.

How did you hear about Bread for Life?

I first heard about BFL through my wife. She was always very involved in the community. I retired in June 2016 (spent career as a pediatrician and neonatologist) and I started trying to figure out where I could volunteer. My wife mentioned BFL. So I drove over and I rang the doorbell until eventually Missy decided to let me in.

What do you do at Bread for Life?

At this point I am driving the van to several stores to pick up the food supply. I go to Walmart, Aldi, KFC, and Target. And then Bob the cook decides what we can use. Before that I was delivering meals to those in homes. There were about 40 people in homes. I enjoy volunteering, it’s only a few hours a week and I get to go into the back and spend time with different people at the stores.

How do you spend your time when you’re not volunteering at BFL?

My wife and I have five grandchildren who we spend a lot of time with. I also volunteer over at the library.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering?

I would tell them to find something they are interested in doing and then offer their services. If you’re going to volunteer you need to enjoy what you’re doing. There are so many ways you can volunteer. Find an area you enjoy and then offer your time and services. I enjoy the people at BFL. There are a lot of fun, terrific people who dedicate tons of their time for others.