Do you know that approximately 2,500 residents in Southington live below the poverty level? Bread for Life is in operation to ensure that no one goes hungry in our community.  We prepared and served 32,000 meals this year to residents most in need.   1,945 of those meals were distributed through our newly expanded Children’s Summer Lunch Program.  24,000 more meals were delivered by our volunteers to homebound clients throughout Southington and the remaining 5,750 meals were served in our soup kitchen.

Providing food is at the heart of what we do at Bread for Life, but providing fellowship, referral to services, and a sense of dignity is a big part of who we are. One of our clients summed it up this way, “We don’t feel like we are lower citizens in here.  Everyone treats us like normal people.”  And a local restaurant owner who came into our dining room noted, “You are instilling a form of dignity here that these people would not normally get”.

Please consider making a contribution to Bread for Life’s annual appeal so that we can continue providing meals and dignity. Contributions in any amount help the cause and support of our goal that no one goes hungry in Southington.  Donations may be mailed to Bread for Life, PO Box 925, Southington, CT 06489 or may be made online at