A student enrolled in the nutrition program at Lincoln College of New England in Southington dedicated 45 hours during the fall semester to Bread for Life. Carrie Miles, a dietetic technician intern, organized well-balanced menus including a protein, starch and vegetable for those receiving meals in the soup kitchen and through home delivery.

To see firsthand Bread for Life in action, Miles spent time at the soup kitchen, located at the Masons’ Friendship Lodge, where weekday meals are served to the homeless and those people who would otherwise go hungry.

She also learned about the breakfast program made available to local students in conjunction with Southington Public School system and assisted on the daily delivery to senior housing communities and homebound friends.

I was not aware of the wide scope of services Bread for Life provides nor the needs in Southington, a well-to-do town

Miles said.

Hafford said that through Miles’ suggestions, more variety was added to the six-week meal cycle and more foods were added from storage inventory. As her internship wound down, Miles was designing seasonal meals. The student was also required to write a paper about her experience and Hafford had to provide an evaluation.

Carrie has been very helpful to the program. She was able to go to the soup kitchen to talk with our clients to learn what they thought of the meals. They liked the variety but wished the meal time could be longer

he said.

Bread for Life wants to express how grateful we are for the partnership with Lincoln College and its staff and students

said Eldon Hafford, Bread for Life executive director.

I hope our relationship with the college will continue.

I am pleased that my nutrition students are able to work with Eldon and Bread for Life

said Nancy Morrell, chairwoman of the allied health programs, and director of nutrition and food service management.

A new Lincoln College student will be interning in the spring. Plans are to include interns in food collections and organization of the food storage. Members of the Lincoln College Athletic Department and Nutrition Club have also been active in Bread for Life.

Morell and her students have provided ongoing support through food collections and other activities throughout the year, enabling us to continue the task of feeding the hungry in Southington

Hafford said.

For more information about Bread for Life, call the office at (860) 276-8389.

Photo courtesy of Bread for Life
Eldon Hafford, Bread for Life executive director, left, and Carrie Miles, Lincoln College dietetic nutrition intern, review the week’s menus that will be served in the soup kitchen, the senior housing communities and to homebound friends.