Bread for Life is proud to name Joe Sack the volunteer of the month.

Joe has been on the Bread for Life board of directors for the last four years and was a part of the organization prior to that as well, attending and contributing to many of the community events that are put on throughout the year.

How did your involvement at BFL evolve to where it is today?

I just enjoy it. I was going to Bread for Life events and one day Mike Soltys [Bread for Life board member] asked me if I was interested in joining the board. I’ve taken on a couple new initiatives. I do the scholarship fund and the Bread for Life float for the parade. Those are the two main things I champion, but I go to as many events as I can.

What brought you to Bread for Life?

The reason I got into Bread for Life was they did a lot of stuff around town so I knew who they were. They’ve got a great story. It’s a big help to the community. I was offered this great opportunity and it really worked out. My wife was actually the one who drew me to it. She likes helping people.

Impact volunteering has had on you?

I know there are people in need. Helping the community out is something I’ve grown up with and my current family enjoys. It’s an understanding that people don’t always have control of their situations and if you can help them get through something, why not? It’s always really been a part of our lives. If someone is in need and we can help out, we always try to.

Favorite memory at Bread for Life?

For the Bread for Life parade float, we want to put something out there because we want the community to know we appreciate them. Just walking during the parade and seeing how people react to [Bread for Life Executive Director] Donna Ayer, how people react to Mike, how people react to Bread for Life overall. Everybody knows somebody that’s one of our volunteers or on our board. I walked into an event recently and a volunteer came up and said hello because they saw me at the board meeting. It’s camaraderie.

Advice about volunteering?

Make the time. Take the time. It’s everywhere and if you have a passion for something, then go after the areas you’re comfortable with, but don’t be afraid of it either because people need help. Someday you might be in that position where you need help and you’ll be glad someone took the time. When it comes right down to it, it’s all about people, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re in a soup kitchen, buying clothes or helping somebody with shelter. It’s just working with good people and helping people out. That’s the benefit and I think that’s the reason anybody would do it.